How To Find Concrete Mixer Pump

Concrete mixer pump is a newly invented concrete pump that has combined the idea of the normal concrete mixer with the pump. So with this technology, the concrete is able to complete the various tasks within the same machine. It is able to do tasks like feeding, and mixing the concrete and pump it to the required area. This machine has simplified the construction process because mixing and pumping equipment are in one machine. The working efficiency of the machine is high, has reduced the construction cost and it cut the labor cost that could be used in the various processes.

Concrete Mixer Pump
Concrete Mixer Pump

How the machine works

The working principle of this concrete mixer pump (bomba de concreto) is somehow simple. It can be seen as easy as injecting using the syringe. There are two major ideas that are applied here. The first idea occurs in the concrete cylinder where the concrete is formed. The second idea is the pumping out of the concrete using the second cylinder.

With the pump, the raw materials are feed onto the concrete mixer drum. At this drum, the concrete is mixed automatic by the help of the motor driven. After uniform mixing, the concrete is then poured onto the hopper sector.

The concrete hopper is directed onto the conveying cylinder and then transferred to the hydraulic system. The conveying cylinder is usually driven by the oil cylinder and this will help in pumping out the concrete from the conveyor cylinder.

concrete pump
concrete pump

Understanding the character of the concrete mixer pump

·The machine is electrically controlled- the concrete machine is made in a way that it is controlled by electricity. This is advantageous because it improves the performance even when the conditions are not good.

·It is installed with the PLC control program( Programa de control de PLC ) – the system helps in making the machine to be more reliable and work for many years before getting any failure. Within the system, there is a trouble indicator that helps in eliminating any default that might affect the performance of the machine.

·Mobile wheels- in order to ensure that that the machine is mobile, the manufacturers have equipped the pump with wheels to make it easy to move from one area to another.

·Has a liftable side door- this helps in making the machine more convenient in operating and maintaining it. The door that is on the side of the mixer has employed a special craft in order to reduce much noise when the pump is working.

Concrete Pump Of AIMIX
Concrete Pump Of AIMIX

The latest successful cases about the machine

The Aimix group(Aimix Grupo) has been working hard for many years so as to make a concrete mixer pump that employs the latest skill. With deep research, they have been able to come up with this pump that is durable, saves energy, last for years and have high output while using lower prices. With this in mind, the company has developed a strong relationship with their clients who have totally accepte and positively recommended on this pump. Because of this trust, there are many customers who have bought the pump from them. One of the best things about this company is that they have the best competitive products and they are able t ship it to the place where their customers are.

Advantages of the concrete mixer pump

·The machine has got a wide application. As opposed to the initial concrete machine, this one has got a wide area in which it can be used and be able to meet the requirement of the constructors.

·It is economical in terms of the cost- the machine helps in reducing the cost which might be used in doing the various tasks. With this, its production is always high.

·It has a unique design and materials- the structure of the machine is fine and it has used advanced technology and this has helped in improving the life of the machine. The technology also makes the machine easy to operate.

·The maintenance of it is easy and it is able to work for a long period without doing any maintenance on it.

Concrete mixer pump plays a great role when it comes to construction. All this will be possible if at all you get the best and a high-quality machine. As we have seen the machine employs various technologies in ensuring that the goal of production has been achieved. If you are looking for the machine, Aimix group is where to go to.

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