Asphalt Plant In Philippines


Asphalt Plant In Philippines is majorly known for the construction of ports, municipals, airport, and highways among others within this beautiful country. Sometimes it is referred to as the asphalt concrete batching plant. It is able to produce the various mixtures of different variety like modified asphalt mixture and the color mixtures which are used in the tasks we have mentioned.

The classifications of the Asphalt Plant In Philippines

With the use of the transportation methods, asphalt plant in the philippines can be categorized into two main types. The types include,

Mobile asphalt batch plant

Stationary asphalt batch plant

These are the main types that are present within the country. We are going to look at the distinct features of both of them.

The intermittent type asphalt batching plant

This type of asphalt is characterized by

The asphalt has got a double horizontal shaft mixing cylinder and a drying drum batch. This is used for mixing and realizing the materials in order to have a high quality finished materials.

It is has a stable quality and its measurement is very accurate. This is important because it will help the operator to have the right ratio in the materials used.

It is multi-purpose on how it works because it can do forward drying and have reverse discharge. All these processes are very easy to operate because it is made in a way that is not complicated.

It has also used the PLC control system that is centrally programmed. With this technology, it makes the asphalt type to be automatic when operated and hence can be switched so easily without any problem.

It is mobile constructed and this means that itcan be transported easily and installed in a convenient place so easily. It’s from this that makes this asphalt to be used by many people from various places.

Mobile drum asphalt batching plant

It is also characterized by the following points,

It is designed in a way that it as used both the mixing drum and batch drying drum system so. This has helped in reducing the cost of investment among the customers. It helps in cutting the cost that could have been used to do those two tasks of mixing and drying.

It is dual in terms of the energy use- this means that the operator can use either coal or fuel in operating it. This feature gives the customer an opportunity to select what they want depending on the source of energy available to them.

In operation, it uses reverse discharge idea, forward drying, and the central lead wind. This structure is very simple to operate.

It has also applied the PLC system and hence makes it automatic on its operation and also saves power when working.

The main constituents of the Asphalt batching plant in the Philippines

·Inclined belt feeder

·Cold feed system

·Hot aggregate hoist

·Drying drum combustion system

·Weighing system

·Mixed material storage area

·The control system

·Power feeding system

·Screening system

The environmental concern of the asphalt batch plant

The asphalt batching plant has employed the technology of high quality to ensure that the environment is taken care of: The major product is dust but the machine uses two main dust removals and hence making it environmentally friendly. The main reason for doing this is to filter and also recycle the gas that is usually produced.

The dust removal is done in two stages i.e. is stage one which uses gravitational way in collecting the dust in the air. The second stage is done with the use of dust removal equipment. This equipment helps in removing large particles of dust and later sent it to use.


Asphalt batch plant in the Philippines has become popular not because of the manufacturer but due to its application in various fields.

Aimix group has been the leading manufacturer of the asphalt batching plant. One of the major things with the group is that they are able to supply the asphalt batching plant for sale in the Philippines. Whenever you feel that you need the asphalt batch plant always select the type of the machine that will do the best. The price should no put you into worries because

you can do an inquiry from the company and all will be well.

Where You Can Get A Concrete Pump Mixer For A Discounted Price


The price that you will pay for a concrete pump mixer is always dependent upon the manufacturer. There are several factors to consider. First, you need to choose a company that is well-known for producing industrial equipment related to the concrete industry. Second, the shipping cost needs to be affordable. Consider all fees involved with obtaining one of these, regardless of its point of origin. You can get severely discounted prices as long as you are looking for these businesses that are selling these concrete pumps with the mixer.

concrete pump mixer

How To Assess The Ones That You Find?

Assessing the many that you will find online is a very easy process. You will consider the capacity of the mixer, the type of motor that it uses, and how fast it is able to pump the concrete out. Consider the type of boom that it comes equipped with so that it will make it easy for you to position the concrete when it is ready to be poured. You also need to consider whether or not this is a stationary unit, or if it is going to be a unit that is mobile concrete pump with mixer, making it simple for you to take on jobs that may not be at your current location.

Where Are These Advertised?

These are typically advertised on the Internet, however, you can also find them in your local paper. If you do get one that is local, this can save you a considerable amount of time. You could literally go pick it up after placing your order. They would have it ready and waiting. They may also drive it directly to you, and in a matter of hours, you could be using this brand-new unit. However, for the best possible deals, checking the international classifieds might be your best option. Find some nice ones at this website.

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Can You Save More Money By Purchasing International Concrete Pump Mixers?

There are some people that believe that international concrete mixers with a pump are going to be the best option. This has to do with the quality of the equipment, the prices that they charge, and the guarantee that often comes with each one. Also consider the manufacturer, or the company, that is producing these for people worldwide. If they have a good reputation, you may be able to find this information on the web that can confirm that you are purchasing one from the best company.

Almost all of the concrete pump with mixers for sale that you will find will look adequate for the job. It may take a little bit of time, but you will ultimately place an order for one that you will use with your business for many years to come. They should have very simple controls that you can use, and after you have trained your workers to use them, you may consider getting more than one or two. You may soon have multiple units at your company, allowing you to take on more jobs and generate more revenue for your business regardless of where you are.

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